Manoa Falls

Looking for an adventurous waterfall hike near Waikiki Beach…then check out Manoa Falls. Manoa Falls is a 150-foot waterfall located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This somewhat treacherous trail is approximately 1.6 miles roundtrip. The exact conditions of the trail vary depending on the rainfall and other weather conditions. I was very surprised to see how many small children were hiking this trail. There is nothing to hold onto along the trail, so I would highly encourage bringing a hiking stick. My daughter found one along the trail and used it the entire way, leaving everyone else quite jealous.

Finding Manoa Falls by car (use navigation as Manoa Falls is listed on maps)

Follow Kapahulu Street out of Waikiki to the H-1 Freeway
Take the H-1 West towards the airport
Then take the Punahoe Exit
Continue on Punahoe Road toward the mountain
Punahoe Road becoming Manoa Road
Finally follow Manoa Road all the way up to the top

When you reach the parking lot, you will be greeted by a plethora of these wild chickens, who are VERY excited to welcome all the new visitors!

You are about to enter a rainforest. The trail starts off wide and flat.

The trail becomes narrower and steeper, but lots of fun photo stops along the way.

What to Bring:

  • Good Hiking shoes
  • Hiking stick
  • camera/phone
  • Water (carried in a backpack)
  • Bug spray/sunscreen (however we didn’t need either)

Swimming in the pool below the waterfall is highly discouraged because there is a threat of becoming infected with Leptospirosis, not to mention there is no groomed trail leading to the water.

Be Safe & Have Fun!

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